Lone Star Milk Transport was started in 1996 with one truck, one driver, and one family dairy farm. We served and still continue to serve Lone Star Milk Producers; a small dairy cooperative founded by the Baird family. Slowly, one truck or one dairy at a time, the business began to grow. We added more equipment and more drivers to accommodate the increasing numbers of dairy producers marketing their milk with Lone Star Milk Producers. The idea was to keep hauling as cost efficient and effective as it could be, thus saving the dairy cooperative and the farmers money.

We still share this goal with Lone Star Milk Producers. Being dairy producers, our family at home and at work, have always understood the plight of dairies and other farms to produce the food that America needs, while receiving frustratingly low pay prices for the quality products they produce.

We have grown over the years, but our mission is still the same. Providing exceptional service and dedication to the farms, plants and cooperatives with whom we are fortunate enough to work.